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2023 Honda Accord Hybrid

Starting from CAD 42,964

The latest Accord is a compelling choice for most families seeking a midsize sedan. We checked out the Touring Hybrid, and it looks great, has plenty of space, and is extremely fuel-efficient thanks to the hybrid engine. The complaints about its new design are a bit too much, in our opinion. We like the way it looks, except for the strange little Honda badge at the back.

Within this segment, it’s hard to find a vehicle that is better than the Accord. This is why we rank it as the top-rated midsize sedan available in the market right now.

Performance & Handling

Our tester came with the hybrid powertrain, featuring a 2L 4-cylinder Atkinson cycle engine paired with two electric motors. This dynamic combination creates 204 horsepower and 247 lb.-ft. of torque. Paired with this engine is the Electric-Continuously Variable Transmission (E-CVT). This transmission is different from a traditional transmission, but its performance is so smooth and unobtrusive that it operates like a normal transmission and most people won’t even notice a difference during their daily commute. Overall, the engine has good power delivery and never leaves you wanting for more. It’s not fast or quick by any means but gets the job done without any issues. When you pair this with the vehicle’s impressive fuel economy, it becomes a great choice for an everyday driver, catering to both your power and efficiency needs.

Turning our attention to the handling department, indeed, this segment doesn’t always prioritize sporty performance, but the Accord manages to strike a fine balance. While the steering may not offer good road feedback, it compensates with precision and responsiveness, ensuring a good driving experience. One aspect that stood out during our test was how well the suspension handles body movements. The suspension system also does an excellent job of maintaining composure and ensuring a smooth, comfortable ride, even over rougher road surfaces. It’s a testament to the Accord’s well-rounded appeal that extends beyond just fuel efficiency and power, making it the best choice in the competitive midsize sedan market.

Interior & Comfort

Honda excels at creating practical and roomy interiors, and it’s no surprise that the Accord excels in this regard. The interior design of the Accord is both straightforward and attractive. Everything is conveniently placed, and the presence of physical climate control buttons is very much appreciated. What catches your eye inside is the cleverly hidden HVAC air vents concealed behind a stylish honeycomb trim, a design element that can also be found in the new Civic.

Despite the Accord’s lower ground clearance, it has large door openings that make entering and exiting the vehicle a breeze. The cabin has an open and spacious feel, with ample room both upfront and in the rear. You’ll find generous legroom in both rows, ensuring a comfortable ride for everyone.

When it comes to the driving experience, the Accord maintains a quiet cabin even at higher speeds, contributing to the overall sense of luxury that sets this sedan apart. Our test model was equipped with 19-inch wheels, and surprisingly, it didn’t compromise the ride quality significantly. While the larger wheels certainly look great, the Accord has a little bit better and quieter ride on smaller wheels, which we also tested, and a full review will be available soon.

In terms of practicality, Honda has made it easy to adjust the climate settings thanks to physical buttons, something we appreciate. Going through a touchscreen to change climate settings can be an annoyance, and Honda’s inclusion of traditional buttons is a welcome touch. The climate control system in the Accord works great at ensuring a comfortable cabin environment. Even on hot days, the rear vents ensure that every passenger enjoys comfort. What’s more, heated and ventilated front seats offered on the touring trim ensure you are comfortable in both summer and winter. However, it’s worth noting that the ventilated seats can be a bit noisy at their highest setting. Rear passengers only get heated seats, and Honda’s thoughtful placement of the rear seat heater controls on the respective doors is a convenient touch.

Technology & Connectivity

The Touring trim comes with a large 12.3-inch touchscreen, that immediately catches your eye. It’s not just its size but also its undeniable presence in the center of the interior that sets it apart. What we find interesting is that while the Accord offers this impressive touchscreen, it’s strangely absent from larger Honda models like the Pilot. Nonetheless, it’s more than just an aesthetic choice – the screen looks fantastic and adds a touch of luxury to the cabin.

Honda takes it a step further by integrating Google voice assistant into the infotainment system. This integration works seamlessly and is a standout feature. You can simply say, “Google, turn on heated seats,” and voilà, your seats are warm and cozy. This level of integration with Google, especially for controlling various vehicle features, is a convenient addition and something we expect we will see more of in the upcoming years.

Within the cabin, wireless charging is a convenient feature, placed in a spacious slot right in front of the gear shifter. However, it’s important to note that during our testing, we encountered an issue with charging an iPhone 15 Pro. The problem could be related to the iPhone’s camera bump or the magnetic coil at the back, which seemed to interfere with the charging process. Given the widespread use of iPhones, this is an aspect that Honda should look into.

Cargo Space & Storage

The Accord comes with an exceptionally roomy trunk, offering a generous 473L of cargo space to accommodate all your belongings with ease.

Inside the cabin, you’ll find the same commitment to space and practicality, thanks to a well-designed interior that feels spacious and provides ample room for stowing small personal items. A slot in front of the gear shifter offers a convenient spot for your phone, wallet, and keys. The rear area is impressively spacious, making it a breeze to install child seats.

Fuel Economy

The fuel economy figures are where the Accord hybrid truly stands out. It has an impressive rating of 5.0/5.7/5.3 L/100km (City/Hwy/Combined). During our testing, we achieved an average of 5.5L/100km in a mix of city and highway driving. These numbers are not only great but also make it an excellent option for drivers who may not be prepared for an all-electric vehicle but still desire the advantages of an electric car as you will be spending less at the pump.

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